How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise in a Blender

What could be better than homemade products? The main advantage of this homemade cold sauce is that it is cooked very simply in just a few minutes!

I want to share with you a good recipe for homemade mayonnaise. Maybe someone knows about him, but if not, take it into service. Homemade mayonnaise is prepared in a blender really quickly, no more than five minutes, and it turns out really tasty.

To make homemade mayonnaise in this way, we will need first of all a hand blender, it will not work with a simple mixer. As well as the following ingredients:

  • 150 ml of refined vegetable oil;
  • 1 fresh egg;
  • 1 tsp ordinary spicy mustard;
  • 1/2 tsp Sahara;
  • a pinch of salt (not more than 1/4 tsp);
  • 1 full-art. l lemon juice;
  • spices if desired (for example, pepper, garlic, herbs, mashed dried herbs, cheese everything should be well chopped).


I’ll tell you about the conditions necessary for the successful preparation of homemade mayonnaise. Food should be fresh and at room temperature. If I take an egg from the refrigerator, I heat it in a glass of warm water, after washing it well with soda.

As already mentioned, to make homemade mayonnaise in this simple way, we need a submersible blender with a tall glass. You can beat in a glass jar, provided that it is narrow, not wider than the bottom of the blender.

So, in a glass of blender, we mix salt, sugar and lemon juice. The submersible blender itself is not yet in use. Pour 150 ml of vegetable oil and put 1 tsp. ordinary mustard. We’re not mixing anything yet. Vegetable oil can be olive, sunflower or corn. I advise you to take oil for homemade mayonnaise absolutely odorless and tasteless, in the finished sauce all taste nuances are very felt. For example, if you take unrefined salad olive oil, then mayonnaise will certainly be bitter. Therefore, the advice is to use refined oil and be sure to taste it before making mayonnaise.

Now gently break the egg into the glass, trying not to damage the yolk.

We lower the blender into the glass, covering the lower cup with the yolk, and press the blender to the bottom of the glass.

Turn on the blender at the highest power for 10-15 seconds and watch the mayonnaise begin to swirl from below. If for some reason the mayonnaise does not want to immediately turn into a homogeneous mass, try, carefully moving the blender, beat for another 10-15 seconds. Everything should work out.

There is another way to improve the situation break another yolk into a glass, without protein, press it to the bottom and beat it again. But usually, everything turns out the first time, if you observe all the conditions that I have already said.

We try on salt, add to taste and, if desired, add seasonings, then beat a little more.

We transfer the finished mayonnaise using a silicone spatula into a jar. It is very convenient to use a silicone spatula in that it almost completely cleans the walls of the dishes, no matter what you shift mayonnaise or dough.

Homemade mayonnaise in a blender is very tasty, thick, with a pleasant creamy texture and a shiny surface. There is always the temptation to spread it on a fresh crust and eat it, despite the calorie content. The density of mayonnaise depends on the amount of oil, the more oil, the thicker the mayonnaise, such an unusual dependence. The amount of ingredients indicated in the recipe is optimal; the density of mayonnaise is great for dressing salads. If it is still thick, dilute with a small amount of cold boiled water.

And everything would be fine homemade mayonnaise is tasty, healthy, without harmful additives, it cooks quickly, but it will not be fair if I don’t say about its small flaws. Firstly, a short shelf life, 2-3 days, and secondly, it is not suitable for baking when heated, begins to exfoliate into oil and other components. But, by and large, this is nonsense, and I’m sure that having prepared homemade mayonnaise in a blender once, you will not want to eat salads with any other mayonnaise.

Always cook with pleasure!